VIKALP is a technology based digital-physical infrastructure; equipped man based Mobile Kiosk.

JC Global Foundation has taken initiative to formulated VIKALP with the vision of providing G2C, B2B and B2B services in an integrated manner at citizen doorstep. It also comprises of value-added services like Payment Services, Financial Services, and E-Commerce Services anytime, anywhere which will make the eco system sustainable.

VIKALP is the front-end delivery points for Government, Private and Social Sector integrated services to the rural India; with an objective is to develop a platform that can enable Government, Private and Social Sector organizations to align their social and commercial goals for the benefit of the rural citizens in the remotest corners of the state through a combination of IT-enabled services using mobile kiosk.

VIKALP is designed and implemented with the aim to promote rural entrepreneurship, build rural capacities and livelihoods, and enable community participation for social change - through an end2end model focusing rural citizens and has been proposed for undertaking this challenging task and addressing the related issues in the most effective way.

The technology has been created with an idea to add convenience to the rural citizens by availing door-2-door government and non-governmental services, because it leverages the current accelerated internet and smartphone penetration in India.

The purpose of VIKALP is to improve the efficiency of government services delivery, strengthen the participation of citizens, simplify the compliance and regulations, enhance the trust of citizens in government, yield cost savings for citizens, and empower people in rural areas.